Sawtooth Traverse


The Sawtooth Traverse is arguably the most serious and complicated of California's Great Traverses.   Running from Blacksmith Peak to Matterhorn Peak the route is a stunningly beautiful section of near knife edge granite.  The entire route dominates the skyline from the town of Bridgeport.  From town and highway 395, the Sawtooth Traverse captures the eye and grabs the imagination.

The Three Teeth is one of the more sheer sections of the Sawtooth Traverse
The Three Teeth is just one of many stunning technical sections of the Sawtooth Travers.

Climbers attempting this route shouldn't be fooled by the fact that this route has been soloed in a day.  For even very fit climbers the route require multiple days with ultralight packs.  The route involves countless pitches of climbing up to 5.9, multiple complex technical descents, and well-honed route-finding skills  Most people are required to do one or more on route bivouacs in small saddles or ledges.

For all of these reasons, the route demands climbers to move both quickly and efficiently.  As such I will not guide this route for someone unless I am completely certain that they are capable of completing the route safely.  I require guests asking me to guide this route to have previously climbed one of the other traverses with me.

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