Peter Grubb Hut

Location: West of Castle Peak, Lake Tahoe Area (10S 0726770E, 4360914N)

California Mountain Guide JB Brown standing outside of the Peter Grubb Hutt on a big snow year
Entering the second story of the Peter Grubb Hut on a high snow year.

Trailhead: Donner Summit Sno-Park

Approach: 1.7 miles and 900ft of gain

Capacity: 15

Ski Terrain: The terrain around the hut is mostly beginner to advanced backcountry skiing.  The Peter Grubb Hut itself is often used by snowshoers and other backcountry recreationalists as place to take a lunch break or overnight. Castle Peak to the East offers good terrain but is also highly trafficked.  Basin Peak to the North offers less crowded options.

Hut Detail:  The Peter Grubb Hut was built by the Sierra Club Hut in 1938 and 1939 as a.  To date the.  The hut is two stories and can be entered on either floor based on the snow level.  The upper floor is an open floor space for sleeping. Guests should bring their own sleeping bags and sleeping pads.

The ground floor is comprised of a dinning room with a wood fired stove and a wood storage room.  The cook area has a two burner Coleman stove.  There are limited pots and cookware available at the hut.  While the Sierra Club does stock to propane tanks they are often spent and users should plan on bringing their own fuel.  Users should also expect to bring their own cookware.

An outhouse is located a short distance to the North West of the hut.

Local Avalanche Resource:

User Requirements: The hut is open to both guided groups and the general public.  Guide services must be permitted by Tahoe National Forest.

Booking Details: The Peter Gubb Hut can be booked through the Sierra Club at