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California Backcountry Report Logo for snow and avalanche conditionsIn This Week's California Backcountry Report: 

Season 2 Episode 1, The Brewing Storm

This week in the California Backcountry Report, WEEEEEEE'RE BAAAAAACK!  2020 has been a long year and we are hitting the reset bottom with a new season of CBR.  We talk about an upcoming storm that will be our snow base for the 2020 season.  What does that look like for the various parts of the state and what is new for the podcast this year.


The report is a big-picture discussion of what is going on with the weather and snowpack for a large region.  This isn't intended as travel advice and shouldn't be taken as such.  It is incumbent on all backcountry users to get educated, make their own quality observations, and make their own evidence-based decisions.


About The California Backcountry Report

The California Backcountry Report is a weekly podcast run throughout the wintertime that tracks weather, snowpack, avalanche activity, and the backcountry community at large.

Your Host JB Brown is an AMGA Certified Ski Guide and Alpine Guide, IFMGA Aspirant Mountain Guide, and is Avalanche Level 3 Certified.  JB has been guiding in avalanche terrain since 2006 both as a climber and as a skier.  In addition to professional experience, he also serves as the President of the Sierra Avalanche Center.

Producer and Co-host Matt Mahaney is guides alpine rock climbing and ice climbing throughout the High Sierra for SWS Mountain Guides.  While he doesn't ski much he brings a wealth of avalanche knowledge and experience through a lifetime working and recreating in the mountain.

You can follow the California Backcountry Report on iTunes, sound cloud, and most places you can find podcasts.  If you find this podcast useful please tell your friends and leave us a five-star review.  Thanks - staff


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