JB Brown, The California Mountain Guide

JB BrownAbout Me

My story is pretty simple.  I started working my way through college as a paramedic and would find any excuse that I could to escape into the mountains.  After college, I worked in EMS and emergency management but longed to be out of the office and get out whenever I could. After an 8 year career of EMS, I decided to take a break from work and take a summer to apprentice as a mountain guide.  I fell in love with guiding and never went back.

Since 2007 I have been working in California for SWS Mountain Guides.  In that time I have guided all of the.  Some of my other

Currently, I am an Aspirant Mountain Guide and AMGA certified Ski Guide.  I hope to finish up with the coveted IFMGA certification by 2020.  Some of my other notable accomplishments include:

  • AMGA Certified Ski Guide
  • AMGA Aspirant Mountain Guide
  • Winner of REI Top Guide Award
  • Consulting in Hollywood for the film Everest
  • DiMM instructor for the US Department of Defense

California Backcountry Report Podcast

In the fall of 2019 I have had the privilidge of launching the California Backcountry Report podcast.  The podcast runs weekly from November to April and provides listeners information about the snowpack and avalanches from around the Sierra and the Southern Cascades.  You can follow the podcast on itunes, soundcloud or almost anywhere you can find podcasts.

My Philosophy

My background as a paramedic as well as a long career in the mountains has lead me to a well calculated and conservative approach to the mountains.   The key is knowing when, how and how much risk climbers should be willing to accept.  Then taking on those risks in a way that minimizes exposure.

For me, every trip should be an opportunity to learn and commune with the greatest places on earth.  Going to into the mountains should be an opportunity to group personally, physically, and spiritually.

My Support Staff

Every expedition team needs a base camp crew and support staff.  Mine are my team leader (wife) Emily Sagalyn Brown, Echo, Facet, and my daughter.